restoring joint mobility portland

The importance of healthy joints cannot be underestimated. Good joint health can go a long way in promoting your overall health. Those with strong supple joints can perform day to day tasks easily and effortlessly than those with brittle joints. Strong supple joints are truly a blessing; ask those at the receiving end of debilitating joint pain! Muscle tear, ligament damage, swelling and other painful symptoms are also mentally disturbing. What’s more, joint pain can make you cranky and snappy. In a nut shell, it affects your mental, physical and emotional health. Find restoring joint mobility portland chiropractors today.

Do you know that your tendons and ligaments tend to deteriorate with age? You ought to take good care of them! If you don’t take great care of your joints, you cannot expect them to last you for life. Muscle inflammation and joint inflammation can cause tremendous pain and discomfort. Painful conditions like arthritis can render you immobile; in fact, it can lead to disability in some cases. Healthy joints, on the other hand, can make routine tasks simple and hassle-free for you. You will never have to struggle to get out of the bed or experience discomfort while walking or moving down the stairs.

Here’s how you can take good care of your joints:

  • Make exercise an integral part of your routine – It is a myth that exercise aggravates joint pain; in fact, the opposite of it is true. Commit yourself to exercising on a daily basis. Make time to exercise your bones and joints to increase strength and flexibility.
  • Ladies, ditch those heels! It is a lesser known fact that killer heels cause a great deal of stress to the foot. Heels put extra stress on the knees. Avoid them at all costs!
  • Shed extra weight – Those who are overweight are likely to suffer from joint pain. All those extra pounds put unnecessary stress on the knees. Losing weight will make you healthier, lovelier and reduce the risk of joint pain.
  • Boost your intake of calcium supplements to keep your bones healthy and sturdy. Joint health supplements like Glucosamine tablets are also highly effective in maintaining healthy joints. These tablets promote joint flexibility and improve pain caused by injuries and accidents.