Herniated Disc Chiropractor

If you suffer from back pain, leg pain, and weakness in your legs, you may have a herniated disc. While many people have heard the term herniated disc before, few actually know what this condition means. This article provides an overview of what causes a herniated disc and shows how Seattle chiropractic treatment can help you if you suffer from this painful health condition.About Herniated Disc

The discs of the spine, called the intervertebral discs, consist of a fibrous outside ring with a soft tissue center. Fluid and blood provide nourishment for these discs as they move. When the discs no longer move, the fluid and blood cant adequately flow to the intervertebral discs. This causes the fibrous outside ring to dry out. As you move with a dried out intervertebral disc, tears occur in the fibrous outside ring that causes the soft tissue in the center of the discs to bulge out.

This condition is commonly called a herniated disc, but is also known as a slipped disc, a disc protrusion, or a bulging disc. A herniated disc doesnt always cause extreme pain, but at the very least a herniated disc will cause discomfort as the soft tissue bulge pushes on the nerves of the spine. Without Seattle chiropractic treatment, a herniated disc will only get worse. Thats why its critical that you seek treatment as soon as possible, and why visiting your Seattle chiropractor regularly is one of the best ways to avoid developing a herniated disc in the first place.

Signs Of Subluxation

When the vertebrae of your spine are out of alignment, it causes a condition known as a subluxation. When a subluxation occurs, developing a herniated disc is extremely likely. In fact, subluxation is one of the most common causes of herniated disc. Common warning signs of subluxation and herniated disc are neck pain, numbness and tingling in the feet, legs, and arms, general weakness, an inability to get comfortable in any position, and pain in the calf, thigh, or buttocks in both legs or in one leg.

Herniated Disc Treatment

A Seattle chiropractor can offer you a natural, drug-free treatment that will eliminate your herniated disc. There are also conventional medical treatments available for treating a herniated disc. Unfortunately, conventional medical treatments typically involve taking anti-inflammatory drugs like cortisone that simply mask the pain of a herniated disc instead of actually healing it. Surgery is also a conventional medical treatment option, but spinal surgery is risky, invasive, and doesnt always fix a herniated disc.

chiropractic posture correction treatment involves spinal adjustments that correct the subluxation of the spinal vertebrae. Through spinal manipulations that correct alignment issues, your herniated disc can heal itself as your Seattle chiropractor relieves the pressure that causes the pain by decompressing the vertebrae causing the problem.

If you have a herniated disc, or suspect you may have a herniated disc, its important to get treatment quickly. The earlier you begin treatment usingĀ Portland top chiropractors, the quicker your herniated disc will heal.